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Chainsaw carved Racoon Mantel, sculptured structures.
Racoon Carved Mantel

Welcome to Kelly's World of Animals! Her life-like chainsaw sculptures of animals have brought to life many log homes, entryways, yards and gardens, golf courses, ceiling beams, mantels, and many other structural supports.
Kelly Madsen, chainsaw carver for sixteen years, is an artist who can create custom art at your request. She has a vision and is able to capture the beauty and spirit of each animal she carves. Call Kelly today for beautiful three dimensional chainsaw sculpting of your favorite animals.
Kellys Bears
Welcome Bear!
Exquisite Bobcat and Dragonfly Carving with Cattails, panel with raised objects in relief.
Bobcat and Dragonfly
Big Cat on ceiling beam, decorative sculpture, brings life to your home.
Mountain Lion on Ceiling Beams
Bear in a log on Cabin Porch, by KElly Madsen, Chainsaw Carving Artist Little Bear in Post, bears can hide anywhere, surprise your guests with a bear hiding in a log structure.
Bear greeting visitors at Moose in the Trees

At left is a small bear on a log, who greets visitors on this rustic
front porch at Moose in the Trees.
Kelly loves to carve bears who are known to be protectors and
represent medicine and healing in Native American traditions.


Bear Carved into Mantel, rustic fireplace decorated with a hand sculpted mantel.Small Bears Carved into Mantel, any mantel can be decorated with a log or beam carved with your choice of animals
Kelly has a great affinity for the animal world, and is able to sculpt and carve animals beautifully. Her bears and other creatures are artful and have a real presence that adds life and spirit to your home or grounds. Kelly can carve stumps or sculpt live trees on your property to create a magical woodland you will love.

See Kelly Madsen at:

Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair

July 19-28, 2013 and October 10-27, 2013

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