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Kelly Madsen chainsaw carving at Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair in July and October.
Kelly Chainsaw Carving at Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair

A charming pair of bears! to make your guests or children smile!
A charming pair of bears to make your guests smile or your children giggle!


Meet Kelly at the Annual Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair
July 19-28, 2013 and October 10-27, 2013

Kelly participates in an Annual Craftsmen's Fair in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You can watch Kelly carving at these Fairs. Kelly brings chainsaw sculpture, for you to purchase. You may see some pieces similar to the ones on this page that are ready to go home with you!

A Spring and Fall Show are held and Kelly is at both shows. This years dates are July, 2012 and October, 2012.

Kelly's chain saw wood carvings include human and animal faces and forms. She sculpts architectural beams, totems and other structural pieces for home interiors or exteriors. Kelly carves mantles, panels for doorways, cabinets, and windows, and pre-made furniture.

Some of her favorite subjects are bears, eagles, raccoons, big cats, angels and Indian figures, but she carves many more subjects.

Welcome Bears

Kelly is available for carving demonstrations, lessons, and to enhance your log home or any dwelling, business! Need a watch bear to guard your door?
Contact Kelly
at 931-242-6208 or email to inquire
about your carving needs.

Two Bears!

  Got a Golfer in the family? Here's a great idea!    Baby Bear sitting on a stump
   Golfer Bear!        Baby Bear! Sweet!

Kelly Madsen
, chainsaw sculptor, specializes in creative premade and customized carvings for YOU! . See how wood sculpture can add life plus new beauty and interest to your log dwelling. Or weave Kelly's creativity into your home as you build it! She will travel to your building site to add life-like expression anda spirit of the animal world to your new log home.

Visit Kelly in Gatlinburg during July and October Fairs, and see what beautiful, decorative, whimsical, and lifelike wood carvings she creates with chainsaw and vision... to enhance your home and grounds.

Call today! 931-242-6208

 Welcome Bear personalized with your name!
Two cute welcome bear cubs in
a log ready to be personalized with
your name!

See Kelly at the Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair onJuly 19-28, 2013 and October 10-27, 2013

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